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Yellow Penguin Day Nursery was judged as “Good” at our most recent inspection in January 2019.

Our inspection report can be viewed here

Some extracts from the report are below:
“Children are confident and curious learners. Older children are well prepared for the next stage of their education, including the move to school.”
“The nursery environment is warm and welcoming. Staff support emotional development well. They offer plenty of cuddles and reassurance for babies, who play in a calm and peaceful environment. Children benefit from a gradual settling-in process if they are new to the nursery or when they move rooms. Staff promote healthy lifestyles well and ensure children have healthy, nutritious options for snacks and meals. Staff work well with external agencies to ensure that, where required, children receive the additional support they need.”
“Children are happy and settled. Staff are kind and attentive and support children’s emotional security well. Children form strong attachments to the adults caring for them. Staff have high expectations of children’s behaviour and act as good role models. Children learn how to share, take turns and behave well.”

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